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For Models CBC-18-4, CBC-24-4, CBC-30-4, CBC-24-8, CBC-30-8 and Special CBC Units

CAUTION: Make sure press and all auxiliary equipment are turned off and in a safe condition before installing or Operating Coil Bridge Conveyor.

Coilbridge Conveyor - The Coil Stock Support System
Installation Instructions
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  1. Remove CoilBridge Conveyor (CBC) from packaging and place in center of press with hinged end toward feeder. It is necessary to extend the CBC to provide adequate end clearance at feeder.
  2. Mount CBC hinges to feeder with skate wheels centered on press and as close to feeder output as possible. Make sure top of skate wheels are not above top of feeder feed line (bottom of coil).
  3. Due to the wide variation in feeder configurations, it may be necessary for the customer to fabricate special brackets to adapt the CBC hinges to the feeder. Note: CBC must pivot at Feeder.
  4. Do not mount CBC Jack(s), as they must slide across press bed.
  5. If Jack(s) crank from wrong side for your preference, you can change by remounting Jacks 180 degrees.
Installing CoilBridge Conveyor
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